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LEFT Magazine Is Right

LEFT Magazine Is Right

LEFTHave you checked out the new issue of LEFT yet, the journal from Jackson Nieuwland and New Zealand?

It includes work by some of my favorites, like Sarah Jean Alexander, Crispin Best, Melissa Broder, Dalton Day, Carolyn DeCarlo, Dorothea Lasky, M Kitchell, Edward Mullany, Chad Redden, Bob Schofield, A.L. Snijders (trans Lydia Davis)—plus tons more who might be your favorites.

I’ve held it. It’s hefty. It was designed by The NewerYork people with lots of white space. Many pages have textured backgrounds. Sometimes it’s white text on a black page. It’s pretty long. In terms of size and design and quality of work, it reminds me of Annalemma and I’m glad someone is picking up that job.

I took some bad photos of it. I really want to set up a photo booth in my house for all the photos I take of books. I don’t know how though! But anyway, want to see more pictures of LEFT? Here they are:


Table of Contents sorry it’s not a bigger pic


Bob Schofield comic you can’t read sorry


Dottie Lasky bio you can sort of read if you squint

And the LEFT tumblr has more, and better one.

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