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Lincoln Michel’s Book Trailer

Lincoln Michel’s Book Trailer

I like Lincoln Michel’s trailer for Upright Beasts, his new short story collection from Coffee House Press:

That tells you everything you need to know, right? If you missed it, here’s the scoop on Upright Beasts—it comes out this month, it features 20+ stories, some are 12ish pages and some just a few paragraphs, Lincoln Michel is a master of the opening, Laura van den Berg said the stories are mighty surrealist wonders, “People say I have a baby face. You can look at me and pretend I’m drowning” is one of the openings that I like a lot, “Or take the day my father handed me his glass of lemonade and reached for the rifle” is another. One thing Coffee House Press did with this book that I haven’t seen before, which I like, is at the back of the book they put a list of books that “Lincoln Michel Recommends.”

I’ve got an extra copy of Upright Beasts. Want it? Just leave a comment and I’ll get it out to you. First come first (and only) served.

P.S. For another good book promotion, check out Sampson Starkweather’s forthcoming Pain, the Board Game (Third Man Books), which has a video game you can play.

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