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Litblog Roundup

Litblog Roundup

Any questions? Yeah, plenty! This edition of the litblog roundup is written in the form of mostly twitter-worthy questions. Each one contains a link to something that’s been making the rounds lately across the literary internet. This way you get even more links, in less time. Enjoy!

What does it mean to say that something is “readable” and why do so many book reviews use that word?

Was Shakespeare really such a great genius, or is it all just a little bit overblown?

How would you like to be a writer in residence? At the Mall of America? Do you suppose the residency would allow for any significant social commentary?

Why do great critics make disastrous judgements?

Do facts really matter anymore?

How are librarians working to form a resistance?

Is there any value to cultural criticism in so-called Trump’s America?

Speaking of Trump, what did Andy Warhol think of him?

Where have all the female travel writers gone?

What’s more beautiful than Beyoncé?

How will dictionaries continue to evolve in the digital age?

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