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Mark Baumerica Is Insane (In a Good Way)

baumericaDid you know that Mark Baumer is crossing America barefoot?

Check it out at his Medium website, Not Going to Make It.

He’s one week in. Before he left he wrote, “Six years ago, I made a similar journey across America on foot, but for that journey I used shoes.” I remember that. I enjoyed reading his posts back then.

There’s actually a ton of interesting stuff in this post and I keep wanting to quote it, but it’s one of those things where you should just read it yourself. For instance, he writes about why he went to a plant-based lifestyle, and that doing so has made him stronger. Also he has a sponsor for the trip: poetry.

Here’s a pic of him and his feet, which I screengrabbed from Instagram:


He’s posting a lot of videos as he goes. What a weirdo:

Finally, here’s a picture of Baumerica’s older brother, Sean Lovelace:



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