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Quick thoughts on Matt Cook’s quick book

A few years ago, I spent some time in Milwaukee, doing readings with friends there from books we’d put out. The city struck me as particular—certainly cold and full of snow, like its neighbor Chicago, but more intimate, the bars (where I put away some hours) supplied a genial, humor-full clientele. In one bar, Riverhorse, the owner stood my friends and I the first round, talked to us about our writing, and when we departed, bought each of our books. I left with more money in my pocket than I came in with.

Seems apt then that Matt Cook, author of Irksome Particulars, just out from PGP, once served as Poet Laureate of Milwaukee. I haven’t met Matt but Irksome Particulars is particularly humorous, friendly, easy to read—though with a snowy sadness at its middle. These short prose poems, focused on the quotidian (finding inspiration “especially in history, philosophy, the workplace, and the neighborhood” according to the marketing copy), set you up to laugh, often ending with a comedic zinger—but leave you with a lingering existential longing, Matt Cook a master of world-weary persistence.

In celebration of Irksome Particulars’ release, Publishing Genius is giving a two-for-one deal: buy it and get any other PGP title for free. Matt has another poetry collection from PGP, Proving Nothing to Anyone, so you could get both Cook titles for just $10.95. Then, buy his other three poetry collections from Manic D Press, and you’d have the full Cook catalogue. Milwaukee’s sad and affable particulars will fill your shelf.

Milwaukee photo by Beige Alert

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