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MLB Opening Day & Yay Baseball

MLB Opening Day & Yay Baseball

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“People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.” _Rogers Hornsby

Couple months ago, I wrote about how cute baseball is. And it IS. Very cute. And in the winter when baseball disappears, I hang on to that stuff. But now. NOW. BASEBALL IS BACK. God bless us everyone. Opening Day is here and there will be baseball glorious girls hit yo hallelujahs Praise Jesus baseball almost everysingle day until there’s not.

I look forward to a lot of things every baseball season. There are college games I go to and minor league games and I love getting the chance to go to a major league game (usually the Reds because they’re so close). I like the funny cheesy little promotional things they give away at the games. I also look forward to going to my kids’ baseball/softball games once Little League season rolls around.

baseball photo


-My fantasy baseball league team: THE HARRY STYLES
-How much baseball players love necklaces
-Hearing the new at bat songs. I have such an affinity for the country songs and also, oldskool hip-hop
Anyone mentioning Daniel Norris’ hippie life/surfing life/van life
-Josh Hamilton getting clean/healthy and coming back, maybe…if he does. ? I don’t know but I do know I love Josh Hamilton. I just do.
-Mike Trout catching things
-Meredith Marakovits because I adore her
-Seeing how I’ll deal with a Derek-Jeter-is-retired-and-never-coming-back baseball season
-How the Padres are gonna do after beefing up their roster like whoa
-Matt Kemp, the Padre
-How the Cubs are gonna do and the unflappable faith and hope of hardcore Cubs fans. Bless their hearts.
-Joe Maddon, Cubs Manager
-Jon Lester, the Cub
-Buckets of neon Gatorade being dumped on boys
-Garrett Richards getting 100% and coming back
-Hunter Pence healing and coming back and his wonderfully awkward everythings
-My phone lighting up with the At Bat App news everyday! Always something! Injuries, sad. Trades, sometimes sad. Almost-perfect games, yay! Perfect games up to the fifth inning, yay!
-What things will look most delicious on the MLB food Instagram?
-How’s Verlander gonna do this year?
-And the Nationals, the Mets. What’s up y’all?
-Max Scherzer, the National
-Who’s gonna play a concert at the MLB Fan Cave? And will I win a t-shirt this year?
-Will people remember not to call BJ Upton BJ anymore? Now it’s Melvin.
-Will I remember Jason Heyward isn’t a Brave and plays for the Cardinals now?
-Will I remember Brett Lawrie isn’t a Blue Jay and plays for the Oakland A’s now?
-Will I remember Howie Kendrick isn’t an Angel and plays for the Dodgers now?
-Will I remember Hank Conger isn’t an Angel and plays for the Astros now?
-Will I remember Adam Lind isn’t a Blue Jay and plays for the Brewers now? (I love how Stacey May Fowles said goodbye.)
-What’s up with Brian Wilson this year? He used to be one of my faves when he was a Giant. And re: the Dodgers in general…they’re supposed to be amaze this season, right? So will they? Kershaw is magic.
-Russell Martin, the Blue Jay.
-Torii Hunter, a Twin again even though I wish he were still an Angel.
-Whose wife is gonna have a baby so I can squeal and make grabby hands when they show a picture of the baby during the game.
-Will I finally remember that Craig Gentry plays for the Oakland A’s and not the Rangers? Will I continue to call him KITTEN FACE whenever he is up to bat? YES because he’s KITTEN FACE.
-Speaking of the Rangers, will the dugout keep trying to touch Beltre’s head whenever he hits a home run? (Yes.)
-And the Rangers announcers shouting out birthdays and anniversaries…so cute
-How many home runs will Mike Trout hit? Chris Davis? All’a’y’all?
-Marlins Man
-The guy in the yellow headphones who sits behind home plate @ Fenway (Jeremy Kepstein)
-Mike Napoli’s beard
-Baseball fights!
-Is Joey Votto 100%?
-Bryce Harper + eyeblack
-Will Buster Posey keep being super-sweet and boy-next-door-adorable? (Yes.)
-Ryan Vogelsong, pitching. I love Vogey.
-Madison Bumgarner, too. BIG COUNTRY.
Big Time Timmy Jam/Jim Tim Lincecum
-Also, Lorenzo Cain. Adore him too.
-Vin Scully continuing to be a National Treasure
-Voting for the All-Star game
-The announcer announcing the starting lineup at the All-Star game
-Who will finish first/dead last in the AL?
-Who will finish first/dead last in the NL?
-Will the player’s wives continue to be adorable with their charity baskets and how they bring the babies to the games decked out head-to-toe in their daddy’s colors/clothes? (Yes.)
-Jackie Robinson Day when they all wear #42 and Veteran’s Day when the unis have camo and when the teams wear their throwback jerseys.
-Extra innings and staying up crazy-late to watch west coast game extra innings
-Ignoring the new clock. I don’t want no stinking clocks in my baseball. (*Gollum screams haaaaaate!)
-Will the MLBtv app crash my PS3 this year as much as it did last year? NOOOOOO please no.
-And last but not at all least, *drumrooooollll* the baseball butts. Butts!

So many things! A new season! Spring! Opening Day! Excitement! Stoked! You guys! IT’S HERE! IT’S TIME! Bless us and amen.

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