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Muse/A Pushcart Nominations

Muse/A Pushcart Nominations

While y’all were eating fried poultry at Bantam & Biddy, I was doing nominations for the Pushcart this year. No, no, don’t click the links yet. I’m gonna make a few comments right here and then you can click ’em.

Melissa /FREDERICK, “Watching Nirvana While Sick in Bed”

With the lights out, this poem is less dangerous. The poem’s power chord consonants are resonant, redolent of grunge and sampling acid. Takes me back to when I was cool. And adventurous and angry.

Emily /MYRICK, “Even Silence”

I feel like an isosceles triangle when I read this, suddenly conscious of every sound, the two-dimensional world and what’s equal, equal, longer.

Vivian /WAGNER, “Antipodean Riddle”

Our country is so divided. It’s black and it’s white. But everything’s in the middle, Pilgrim. Buy a box of crayons and pick one.

Kayla /KRUT, “Long Swim”

This poem bores into me, stuffed with olives as I undoubtedly am, full of pictures of wanting what the speaker here wants, times when that was a thing to do of an afternoon.

Jihyun /YUN, “Caught”

“The lazy turns of a ceiling fan/ a thread of moonlight.” If you’re not currently reading this poem because someone is making you a pumpkin spice latté, up yours.

Jennifer /BULLIS, “Amanda Bubble Pines for a God to Call Her Own”

You can tell I like desolate poems with whispers of redemption.

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