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New Journals Out

New Journals Out
From artwork by Hermione Spriggs in Shabby Doll House

From artwork by Hermione Spriggs in Shabby Doll House

I was just scrolling through Facebook when I noticed that there are some new journals out. I looked at a bunch of them. There was a lot to see. Here are some links, if you’d like to find your way in.

The 14th issue of Sink Review just came out. I like these ones, from Alexis Orgera.

And The Little Patuxent Review is a print journal. Their summer issue came out yesterday and the editor’s letter is available to read online.

How about Nicole Steinberg’s poem in the 4th issue of Powderkeg? (It’s great, and at Powderkeg they do the audio thing, so you can hear the poet’s voice and be drawn in twice. Their site design is simple and alluring.)

There’s a new issue of Shabby Doll House, too, and it’s titled “Strange Peace” (from Mortara’s poem) which seems fitting to me right about now. The picture above is a detail from that piece. I also recommend “Talk to Me Only in Percentages,” a story by Sevana Ohandjanian. And in case you missed it, very important: read our interview with Lucy K Shaw about how and why she does what she does. 

And this last note isn’t a journal, but it’s related: Happy 25th Birthday to Normals Books & Records, home of the handmade punk paste up journal The Shattered Wig Review and press, run by the soulful, jolly good, often-imitated-but-never-duplicated fellow: Rupert Wondolowski.


What else is out there? What have I missed? Who’s rounding up the lit mags lately?


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