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Episode 25 – Krisha & Pizza & Warfare

Movie Time with Joe and Cheryl
Movie Time with Joe and Cheryl
Episode 25 - Krisha & Pizza & Warfare

We watched Krisha, the debut feature from new-on-the-scene director Trey Edward Shults, on the recommendation of John Waters (or, specifically, his Top 10 Films of 2016 list), which honestly is not a bad way to pick out a movie (we’ll get to you next time, Tickled).
Krisha takes place over the course of one harrowing Thanksgiving, when the titular character returns home for the holiday after ten years away from her family. The reunion is bittersweet, to say the least, and Krisha’s gradual breakdown — and its cataclysmic effect on the family, especially her stoically anguished son (played by the director Shults) is a mighty thing to behold. Highlight: a slow-motion scene of steaming turkey juices spilling out of a giant roasting pan. This movie’s a stunner.
Bonus content: We also discuss “Pizza and Warfare,” a keenly moving chapbook by Nikki Wallschlaeger that we could have talked about for days.
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