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Movie Times Ep. 1: “Inside Out”

Movie Time with Joe and Cheryl
Movie Time with Joe and Cheryl
Movie Times Ep. 1: "Inside Out"

MovieTimes2Hi, welcome to Movie Times! with Joe and Cheryl, formerly Shit-Talking with Joe and Cheryl (formerly we sit at our kitchen table and talk about movies without the use of any recording devices). After a year and a half, or two years, we’re back and happy to be in your lives again.

So what we do is we watch a movie–basically anything that piques our interest, from indie art house stuff to blockbuster exploding battleships to whatever Lars von Trier happens to be doing now–then go home to our place in Kenmore, NY to talk it out with the tape recorder on. We don’t prepare, we don’t read advance reviews, and we don’t discuss it at all beforehand. We are not film experts. In fact, Joe is a “film idiot.” We digress sometimes and find ourselves spending fifteen minutes talking about the nature of memory. It’s fun.

First up – Inside Out, the newest Pixar movie, and the summer’s biggest kid flick.

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