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Movie Times Ep. 20 The Witch

Movie Time with Joe and Cheryl
Movie Time with Joe and Cheryl
Movie Times Ep. 20 The Witch

MovieTimes2We watched Robert Eggers’s The Witch a very long time ago but didn’t post our talk because soon after a dangerous, desiccated apricot was elected to the highest office in the land and it felt weird and wrong to be talking about an invented horror while a real one was unfolding. But after a while we (mostly Joe at first) noticed some interesting commonalities between the kind of paranoid, Puritanical hysteria explored in the 1630s New England of The Witch and today’s social climate, so then we thought that is something worth talking about too. So we recorded another (very) brief talk to stitch to the main talk and to partially explain our absence. And we also decided that movies are crucial! And art is crucial! And producing and talking about and trying to understand it all is crucial! Especially now. So expect more movie-talking in the very near future

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