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Movie Times Ep. 23 Maidan

Movie Time with Joe and Cheryl
Movie Time with Joe and Cheryl
Movie Times Ep. 23 Maidan

Sergei Loznitsa’s Maidan is a movie about revolution that, for a large portion of its running time, shows people making sandwiches, milling around a public square, and shoveling debris. These shots are punctuated by scenes of violence, with protesters physically clashing with riot police amid billows of tears gas and flaming barricades.

There is no narrator and there are no interviews. It serves as a record of the civil uprising that occurred in the Ukraine’s capital of Kiev the winter of 2013-14 against President Yanukovych’s regime. We found Maidan at turns boring and terrifying and galvanzing, and it tells, with no words at all, very important things about collective action and resistance.
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