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Pantscast #2 Rachel B. Glaser (Joke from Amy McDaniel)

The Pantscast
The Pantscast
Pantscast #2 Rachel B. Glaser (Joke from Amy McDaniel)

PantscastIn episode 2 of the Pantscast, I Skype with Rachel B. Glaser about her funny and sad new book, Paulina and Fran, which came out in September from HarperPerennial. We discuss the process of writing the book, which started as a 3-page short story. We talk about hair, too, and life, and what the book means to her.

Also on the episode you’ll hear a joke (-ish) from Amy McDaniel and a song by Mike Young. The opening music is by W. G. “Snuffy” Walden and stick around for the closing song, “Playwrights,” by my old band, The Flying Party.

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