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Pantscast #4: Bud Smith (Joke by Rae Buleri)

The Pantscast
The Pantscast
Pantscast #4: Bud Smith (Joke by Rae Buleri)

In November 2017 I sat down to talk to Bud Smith about his book Work, which had just come out from Civil Coping Mechanisms.

Now Bud has another book out, Double Bird, from Maudlin House.

So, if you’re keeping track, it took me longer to put out this podcast than it did for Bud to publish two books. I cut all my parts out of the interview, so you’ll just hear Bud tell fascinating stories about his very early days as an artist and how he dabbled in everything.

“We had all the ambition in the world when we were little kids. You’d make these ridiculous movies with all your friends. It was almost impossible.”

“As soon as I found out you could go online and upload your thing and order one copy of it I was like ‘cool, this is all I ever got to do.’ I didn’t know about submitting… I just knew I didn’t have to go to Staples anymore and pay $20 to get my book of poems printed up.”

“I feel so bad for all the editors of the world… people get so upset about getting rejection slips. I wish everybody had to reject somebody. Then you would know what it’s like. Why don’t you tell somebody ‘no’ and see how you feel. It sucks.”

And you have to hear the story about getting his first book published, which starts by finding a bunch of poems stuffed into a toilet at a bar.

Bud also reads a short section from Work.

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