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Podcasts? Pantscasts! Coming Soon

Podcasts? Pantscasts! Coming Soon

Amy and I have been plugging away on a few different new projects for Real Pants — these include, for example, The One-Hour MFA from Michael Kimball, a bunch of new creative nonfiction pieces, reviews (still in the works), and podcasts! Our first podcast will be “Movie Time With Joe and Cheryl,” featuring poets Joe Hall and Cheryl Quimba, of Buffalo, NY. These two used to do “Shit Talking With Joe and Cheryl.” If you listened to that, you know the kind of straight talk about all kinds of movies that you’re in for. If it’s new to you, well, I hope you like it as much as I do.

Right now—as in at 11pm Atlanta time on Sunday night—I’m plugging away at figuring out how to host the series and also get it distributed by iTunes. You might see some wonky stuff going on in the meantime. If so, I hope you’ll “pardon our dust.” And look forward to all this new stuff. I’m working on a podcast of my own about book publishing and the meaning of literature, which’ll be out in a couple weeks.

Thanks for reading Real Pants. I feel like finally I can say “stay tuned,” and I’ll almost be using the expression correctly.

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Adam Robinson lives in Atlanta and runs Publishing Genius Press. He is the author of two poetry collections, Adam Robison and Other Poems and Say Poem.

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