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12 Predictions for the Year 2157

12 Predictions for the Year 2157

1. A person who will live to see the year 5000 has been born. S/he will have no original body parts in 2150. S/he will live less than half of her life on Earth.

2. Food will be replaced by taste experiences.

3. The “peace treatment” will be initiated by the United Nations, a required brain download that sends violent thoughts into harmless simulations whose feedback loops are then incinerated.

4. Traditional birth will be less popular than pet ownership.

5. Sports will be a chemistry and physics competition.

6. Self-detonation, essentially push-button suicide, will overtake gun suicide as the leading cause of death in middle aged men.

7. If you’re reading this, buy Bitcoin.

8. People will download religion packets designed to–like a pop-up blocker–destroy the logical contradictions preventing them from faith.

9. The impoverished will share robo-bodies in kibbutzim. They will be the final inhabitants of the Earthzone.

10. Capital will be mostly spent on love experiences.

11. “Theology” will be one of the cheapest, fastest, and most downloaded mind-apps.

12. An orange-hued cybermogul will conduct seminars for body-toting rhombuses on a banished planet in a frozen corner of a galaxy known as the former United States.

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