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We do not run conventional book reviews at Real Pants, but we do offer some exciting and unique opportunities to celebrate new books. If you would like your book or author to be considered for any of the features described below, please contact the editor listed. If you have another idea for a unique, compelling way to publicize a book, contact

Origins: A behind-the-scenes look at the publication process of a book that’s just been published. This would be written from the perspective of one or more people involved in the publication process—editor, publisher, designer, agent, etc. It could also be a conversation between the author and their editor/agent/publisher. As an example, check out Adam Robinson’s story of publishing Scarecrone by Melissa BroderContact:

Table of Contents: A feature in which an author of a new book contributes a menu that’s themed to the book. This can take any form—food that’s actually mentioned in the book, what the author ate while writing, a menu or recipe for readers that would accompany the book nicely, what a character would order at their favorite restaurant (whether that’s Denny’s or Chez Panisse), or a cocktail or wine to pair with every chapter/story/poem. Contact:

Prompts: The author of a new book provides a writing prompt (or exercise, ritual, or constraint) that relates to their book. In the comments section, readers can post what they write based on the prompt. We invite the author to choose their favorite response and send the writer a signed copy of the new book. Read more here. Contact:

By the Cover: A review of a new book from a design perspective, written by Shanna Compton. The first By the Cover review is here. Contact: Tweet a picture to @Shanna_Compton with the hashtag #bythecover, or send to

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