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REAEDR from New Lights Press (Call for Submissions)

REAEDR from New Lights Press (Call for Submissions)

REAEDR_title1_cropYesterday on Facebook Mike Young asked for recommendations for new and innovative journals.

Hey Mike, did you get the email that I just got, from NewLights Press? Proprietor Aaron Cohick is “very, very excited to announce and officially open submissions to REAEDR, a new magazine of one word poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.”

Each issue will be built around a particular theme, and that theme, as well as the pieces inside, will determine the form, shape, color, material, processes, etc. of the issue.

Issue 1: WAR (Summer 2015): Deadline of June 5, 2015
Issue 2: “FUCK EM IF THEY CANT TAKE A JOKE” (Fall/Winter 2015): Deadline of September 1, 2015

We are looking for one word, or one-word, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, related in some way to the theme of the issue(s). Submissions can be “straight text,” or visual (but still text-based) in nature. We also welcome submissions that play with, challenge, interrogate, or complicate the “one word” form. Authors/artists may submit up to five pieces for consideration in each issue. Each piece must be submitted in one of the three categories: poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. Translations and submissions in languages other than English, “real” or “not,” are welcome.

Please follow this link for full submission info:

Please help us spread the word. We are looking forward to your submissions.

Aaron Cohick
NewLights Press

What’s the tl;dr on that? REAEDR publishes writing that is one word long, & they’re open for submis—

Wish I thought of that.

Adam Robinson
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