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The Republic of Sin, a podcast

The Republic of Sin, a podcast

A couple weeks ago Time Magazine published a list of the 50 best podcasts. It’s a great resource if you’re looking for something to listen to when you jog—or whatever it is you’ve been doing lately.

Time left off one of my favorites, though—Movie Time, from right here at Real Pants. Poets Cheryl Quimba and Joe Hall talk about movies and have great perspectives on everything from blockbusters to art films.

ALSO! There’s a new one that’s worth checking out, by RP chum Guy Benjamin Brookshire (you might remember his amazing essay on football and chivalry). His podcast is The Republic of Sin: A Post-Colonial Horror Fantasy Podcast and it’s immersive and expansive. He’s creating an alternative history / reality about a place called “Worldsea,” and he’s populating it with rich characters who have names like

Captain Priam D’Guile, 7th Earl of Sufferfool, an infamously homocidal and sociopathic military commander, and Sir Iverse Steeplechase, Lord Steeplepine, a notorious alchemist, libertine, and social theorist who intends to set himself up as governor.

(That’s from his website, where he catches you up on “The Story So Far…“)

Brookshire has an awesome voice and he’s not afraid to use it. He also has impeccable taste, so each episode has enviable production value. The story is complex and layered, so you have to pay attention, but he does a good job making it pay off. It’s not unlike his collages (a detail of one is the featured image for this post), where the more you look at it, the more secrets you can uncover.

You can listen at his website or, if you’re jogging, subscribe on iTunes. Recommended.


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