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Sorrow Arrow by Emily Kendal Frey

Sorrow Arrow by Emily Kendal Frey

selections from Sorrow Arrow by Emily Kendal Frey


People are beautiful

Really stunning: necks, hips, cheek skin, pants

You are trying to walk to the store

You are only thinking about kissing

People are intriguing and boundaried

Tiny ships in paintings

A sandwich without several items

It hurts you to say that

You go home and give away all your books

Gorgeous, articulated people

Moving into their names

Not having money is real

Big mean crow in a tree

Your body image in the distance is the image

Love is a mesh handbag

Love on the asphalt

We’re shaking–blurry, almost

The suffering of us

At the center of suffering is love




Last night I tried to grow a comet tail

I flew around the living room visiting the dead

Spiders in lacy graves

My arms open as soft cheese

Milk chest

Wolf chest I heap my limbs on

I got so far in your pain that it rained




Nothing accrues

I dream about you

You’re naked making tablature for our future

Let’s get in this sleeping bag

Dream cold

People think women are supposed t be friendly

Hey girl

A pie divided into pink slices

People don’t know who they are


When a woman talks

A few people listen

I’d like to suggest that when a woman talks we listen


Sorrow Arrow by Emily Kendal Frey is now available from Octopus Books.



Richard Chiem

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Richard Chiem

Richard Chiem is the author of You Private Person. He lives in Seattle, WA.

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