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Spell to Say, “Happy Birthday”

Spell to Say, “Happy Birthday”

Dear Eva,

Sometimes I find out it’s somebody’s birthday, but when I see them, I don’t say happy birthday immediately. Then I feel like I should have said something but didn’t, and now it’s just fucking weird. Or sometimes I find out a day or two later, and it’s like, should I have known? Could I have known? Is it justifiable that I didn’t know, so I should just say something now?

Often this will happen in the morning, and this will be my day, just trying to navigate this.


Birth Dazed and Confused 


Dear Birth Dazed and Confused,

Thank you so much for your email. Here is a spell I think might help:

Beneath the branches of a very old tree, on a very cold night, clothe yourself only in the light of a waning crescent moon and plant your feet firmly in the damp dirt. Let your toes point due north and your fingers linger eastward. Now, smudge just-smoked sage across your cheeks and speak the following incantation in a haunting whisper:

We are all born so we may die. We are all born so we may die. We are all born so we may die.

Good luck! xoxo



Magical spells are a great resource for many everyday problems. Get in touch & I’ll cook something up for you.


Eva McKenna
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