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Spell to Not Feel Angry

Spell to Not Feel Angry

Dear Eva,

My coworker makes a lot more than I do, and I resent her — it’s hurting our friendship. Jobs aren’t forever, thank God, but how do I deal with my aggravation?


Feeling Angry


Spell to Not Feel Angry

People keep asking you to do things you don’t want to do. You’re driving down the highway, and the asshole in front of you is tapping his breaks for no reason. You’re really hungry, but every time you go into the office kitchen, someone asks how your weekend was. You say, ‘Fine.’ They say, ‘Just fine?’ You’ve spent the last six years getting 30 cent incremental raises. By the time you make $15/hr, the minimum wage will be $15/hr. You were just given a haircut that looks good on curly hair, and your hair is extremely straight. You’re having an anxiety attack at Petsmart. You keep waking up at 4am almost throwing up. You never actually throw up. When you try to think of a friend you could call in an emergency, you realize you’re having that emergency, and there’s no one to call. People are asking you what’s wrong. You actually feel okay. None of the songs on your playlists are what you feel like listening to. You could make so much money, and you’d still feel hollow whenever you heard a bathroom fan. They’re always hooked up to the light. That doesn’t make sense to you. You’re just trying to see yourself in the mirror, but like, what are you even looking at. You have the haircut of a well-adjusted mom. You might never be either. You can’t afford another haircut.


Magical spells are a great resource for many everyday problems. Get in touch & I’ll cook something up for you.


Eva McKenna
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