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Takahe by Stacey Teague

Takahe by Stacey Teague

selections from Takahe by Stacey Teague


part one


in the morning i am on my laptop and i

don’t even realise that outside exists yet


i am in a forest and i forget everything else


I always have the best harry potter-related



the thing about you and me is that we are

not afraid to hurt each other

kindness is a good place to start


whilst talking about wisdom teeth i think

that my life doesn’t feel like my own life


home is wherever my macbook is


i’ve forgotten what my favourite things are


portable document format


today my flatmate was frying meat in a

pan and i thought the sizzling sounded like

a waterfall so i told my friends to close

their eyes and imagine that


i keep thinking about inner lives and about

sex and about how you fell off your chair

and we laughed for so long


1) something about what it means to let a

person into your inner life and them

letting you into theirs


2) i don’t think i felt interested in you until

after you did that


i feel very aware of the moon always, even

though you said it was cliche


the moon is a constant reminder that

human life is sad and beautiful and



my friend said something to me about

“pda” but she accidentally called it “pdf”

and i think we need to spend less time on

our computers


i look forward to fitting my whole life

in a suitcase


people always say to me “you must be

excited” and i say “yeah”


but it’s just another thing


new things to be worried about

to replace old things


part two


i keep snacks under the pillow next to my



thought “i like the world” and immediately

after thinking this, swerved to avoid

hitting a parked car


accidentally opened facebook twice in my

browser and said out loud “double

facebook” in a goofy accent


feel like being emotional is my livelihood


sometimes when i walk down the street i

close my eyes for as long as i can as an

exercise in fearlessness


i turn my music off to listen to the sound

of the rain


Takahe by Stacey Teague is now available from Scrambler Books.


Richard Chiem

About The Author

Richard Chiem

Richard Chiem is the author of You Private Person. He lives in Seattle, WA.

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