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Don’t Ignore the Teacups: A Visual Writing Prompt

Don’t Ignore the Teacups: A Visual Writing Prompt
This week’s writing prompt comes from Adam Robinson of Publishing Genius, whose latest book is Valparaiso, Round the Horn, a fiction collection by Madeline ffitch. You can respond in the comments or by email to—we’ll pick one or two entrants and thank them with a copy of the book plus a chance of publication at Real Pants. (We will only reply if you win, or if we would like to publish your piece.)

Here’s this week’s prompt. Look at this cover:

ffitchcoverwebIt’s an original drawing by Jes Seamans of landland. Isn’t it beautiful? It does not specifically represent any occurrence in Madeline ffitch’s collection of short stories, but it captures the tone of the book and several elements that could exist within the ffitch-ian universe: action, verdant backdrops, rural flair … small dinosaurs? (No, not small dinosaurs.)

Let’s reverse the process. All I’m asking for this week is that you please write something (anything: poem, flash, short story, words) for which this drawing could be the illustration.


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