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The Weather Report – March 23, 2015

The Weather Report – March 23, 2015


Waegwon, Daegu, South Korea

High: 55℉
Low: 29℉

Sunrise: 6:27 a.m.
Sunset: 6:39 p.m.

Humidity: 23%
Dewpoint: 10°

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent

You should wear: the white clothes you packed away while waiting for winter to pass.
You’re going to feel: quite invulnerable.

Plentiful sunshine and clear skies.  Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph.

Some days we actively look for the end. Some days it seems easier than others. As you cross the street to reach the post box, you consider stopping. You consider stopping, sitting down, and waiting. Then you stop considering, reach the other side, drop the letter into the box, turn around and run back up the three flights of stairs to your apartment. You sit in there instead.

The letter said, simply, 

I meant to send this five years ago. Look at the date! I guess I’ve been busy, ha ha. The other day I noticed my birthmark moved. It used to be on my inner thigh, right where it meets you know where? Now it’s moved down a bit. Trying to slip away. How about yours?  Anyway, hope you’re well. (Nothing in the original letter applies anymore.) Sarang hae!

You write a new letter. You put it, oh, I don’t know. It has very far to go and will have to wait for you to worry about it. The sun today looks tired and you notice. Yes, some days you wake up with the end in mind and some days you cope by aging with the sun, one millimeter at a time. It’s obvious that there will probably be a tomorrow and so it is life that keeps going, and taking you with it. Some days you don’t need to work at anything and it is alright.

Wooden knocking sounds come from the front door and you let the tiny, hunched woman inside. She sets a small basket of strawberries and a glass jar of warm milk on the counter. You hand her some money, bow your head and say Kamsahamnida! She walks out the door and next you hear wooden knocking sounds across the hallway.

Some days you will move without even trying. Some days we hold each other until we aren’t anymore. Some days you feel only a very small portion of your insides move. You take a handful of strawberries and lean against the counter, breathing easily and eating them slowly. Some days work with you.


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