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Thirteen Ways to Interact with the Writers of Color Google Doc

Thirteen Ways to Interact with the Writers of Color Google Doc
  1. Give thanks for this amazing resource: A Google Doc that introduces and re-introduces you to writers of color in every conceivable literary and journalism genre. Give thanks to the 734 and counting writers who have willingly listed, for the benefit of the entire internet, their names, contact info, Twitter handles, place of residence, interests and specialties.
  2. Feel chastened by how much you don’t know.
  3. Allow your assumptions to unearth themselves and wither in the glare of reality.
  4. Discover. Google some people you’ve never heard of and read their work.
  5. Order some books.
  6. Reimagine what inclusiveness can mean. Control F for genre or subject matter and solicit writing and manuscripts with this resource close at hand.
  7. Control F your city or town and find writers in your community.
  8. Broaden your community. Connect. Curate readings with this resource close at hand.
  9. Think about this resource and all it signifies in light of this.
  10. Read and read and read and read.
  11. Bookmark.
  12. Share.
  13. Do your own homework. Remember that no list is definitive.



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Amy McDaniel

Amy McDaniel teaches high school and runs 421 Atlanta, a very small press that publishes poetry and short prose. She is the author of two chapbooks, both with the words "Adult Lessons" in the title, and her writing has been published widely online and in print. She is the editor of Real Pants.

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