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Twine, Games for Writers and Readers

Twine, Games for Writers and Readers

Look. I am not a gamer.

In fact, computer games nowadays annoy me. Why form a bond with strangers via Xbox headset that leads to cartoon murder and creepy conversations? Playing Wii Fit to lose weight is like paying for dieting pills from a Dr. Oz impostor. Gaming. It’s just not my thing. But this year someone introduced me to a gaming site called Twine.

Twine is an interactive book but, like a game, the reader navigates the ending. I write my own twine games, there’s no programming involved really. I just write and read. That’s it.

I wrote Save Your Garden.

Clearly, I am not Type A.

Mapping out my story on Twine.

The reader has to make choices and this determines the outcome of the story… it’s like a career dilemma in The Sims game. Option one could give you a promotion, option two could leave you jobless. Try Depression Quest, an award-winning interactive nonfiction about living with depression. If you want to read a comedy, The Often-Ending Story is a good one.

Write your own Twine and post the link in a comment.

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