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What’s New in Poetry, 1-29-15

What’s New in Poetry, 1-29-15

Hi!!! This week’s episode of What’s New in Poetry contains four terrific new videos!!! Please watch & enjoy & comment & send me messages!!! I’m at or you could track me down in person in Atlanta!

I can’t believe how awesome these four poets are!!! erica lewis and Elisa Gabbert each have a couple of books out, and erica has a chapbook forthcoming from Lame House. erica lives in San Francisco and Elisa lives in Denver. Paul and Ella SHOULD each have a full-length out soon–they’re both so good!! Paul lives in IN and Ella lives in CO. Both have done stuff for Fanzine, but Paul also runs RadioActive Moat and Ella edits Bombay Gin. Each of these videos is frickin awesome. I’m going to pop some popcorn & watch them again with you!

Love, Bruce

erica lewis

erica lewis lives in San Francisco where she is a fine arts publicist. Her work has appeared in various anthologies and journals. Books include the precipice of jupiter (Queue Books) and camera obscura (BlazeVox Books), both collaborations with artist Mark Stephen Finein, and the solo project murmur in the inventory (Shearsman Books, 2013). She is currently working on completing her box set trilogy. A double chap is forthcoming from Lame House Press in fall 2015 and a chap project is forthcoming in spring 2015 from Ypolita. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Elisa Gabbert is the author of The Self Unstable, a collection of lyric essays (Black Ocean, 2013), and The French Exit, a poetry collection (Birds LLC, 2010). Follow her on Twitter at @egabbert.

Paul Cunningham

Paul Cunningham manages Radioactive Moat Press and edits Deluge. He holds additional editorial positions with Fanzine and Action Books. His writing can and will be found in LIT, Bat City Review, TAGVVERK, Sink Review, BOAAT, Tarpaulin Sky, and others. He is currently pursuing an MFA at the University of Notre Dame.

ella longpre

Ella Longpre is the author of the chapbook The Odor of the Hoax Was Gone (Monkey Puzzle 2013). Her work has appeared in elimae, Everyday Genius, NOO Journal, Entropy, and elsewhere, and is forthcoming in The Volta and &Now 3: Best Innovative Writing. Ella is currently Senior Editor of the Bombay Gin.

Bruce Covey
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Bruce Covey publishes & edits Coconut magazine & Coconut Books and, for 12 years, hosted the "What's New in Poetry" reading series in Atlanta. His sixth book of poetry, Change Machine, was published by Noemi Press in 2014.

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