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What’s New in Poetry, 2-12-15

What’s New in Poetry, 2-12-15

It is 8pm in Atlanta a Thursday / two days before Valentine’s Day, yes / it is 2015 and I post four videos / & everyone & I stop breathing.

Nikki Wallschlaeger lives in Wisconsin & Peter Davis lives in Indiana & Maryam Parhizkar lives in New York & Carrie Lorig lives in Florida. I feel compelled each week to tell you which state each poet lives in–it helps me to feel, ironically, that we’re all in the same room. You probably know this already, but all four of these poets are awesome!!! Another thing they have in common is that I really wanted to publish books by Nikki and Peter and Carrie on Coconut before they were snapped up by wiser, quicker editors. Which isn’t to slight Maryam–I was just recently introduced to–and now love–her work. You can buy something by each of them now–Peter’s three books with Bloof; Nikki’s Horseless chapbook and soon forthcoming full-length; Maryam’s Operating System chapbook; and Carrie’s many chapbooks & collaborations. And Maryam & Carrie each have something forthcoming too.

Let me know what you think by commenting below or emailing me at & tell your friends??? & subscribe to our YouTube channel???

See you soon!!!


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Nikki Wallschlaeger’s work has been featured in Spork, Horse Less Review, Storyscape Journal, Coconut, The Account, Fanzine, Elective Affinities, Dusie, & others. She is the author of the chapbook I Would Be the Happiest Bird (Horseless Press). Her first full-length book of poems, HOUSES, is forthcoming from Horseless Press in 2015. She is also an Associate Poetry Editor for Coconut magazine, and you can reach her here at


peter davis

Peter Davis writes, draws, and makes music in Muncie, Indiana. More info at



Maryam Parhizkar writes, researches and works via her musical training, and is completing her MA concentration in American Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York. She is co-managing editor of Litmus Press and the author of a chapbook, Pull: a ballad (The Operating System, 2014). A chapbook-length essay on Sun Ra, Clarice Lispector, reckoning, and resonance is forthcoming from Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs in 2015.


carrie lorig

Carrie Lorig is the author of The Pulp Vs. The Throne, a book of poems and essays that will be released by Artifice Books in June 2015. Her work, which also includes collaborations with Sara Woods, Nick Sturm, and Elisabeth Workman, is interested in flowers / livelillies / blood dumped from the vase, beaches / breaches, critical writing as raw, warm potential / magic, lying down / speaking on the cliff, and a constant wreck of accumulation.


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Bruce Covey publishes & edits Coconut magazine & Coconut Books and, for 12 years, hosted the "What's New in Poetry" reading series in Atlanta. His sixth book of poetry, Change Machine, was published by Noemi Press in 2014.

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